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To us, research is to make contributions to society. The research of UPQD group focuses on development of next generation technologies based on quantum materials and use unique ultrafast device spectroscopy approaches to understand fundamental device photophysics dynamics. UPQD research includes three main areas:

  1. Fundamental quantum physics: we use ultrafast photocurrent spectroscopy (U-PCS) and ultrafast electroluminescence spectroscopy (U-ELS) to understand ultrafast photophysics in situ devices.
  2. Novel quantum devices: electrically-driven single-photon emitter (quantum dot LED); single-photon detector (infrared high-speed photodetector); solar cells, and thin film transistors.
  3. New quantum materials: Quantum materials synthesis and novel property characterization

We actively recruit self-motivated Ph.D students, postdoctoral, and visiting scholars, who share the same research belief with us. We encourage and foster our group to be diversified and interdisciplinary.

Contact: jianbog@clemson.edu

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